Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Talent's Got Britain

Talent; you either got it or you don't got it. Right?

With the return of the X Factor it seems like everyone is either a wannabe singer or a wannabe judge.  The UK has become obsessed with dressing up in silly outfits, prancing about like eejits and singing our little hearts out in the name of talent. People of Britian I salute you.

You see we all have a talent, some people have more than one. It's just a shame that some folks are having problems identifying what they are talented at.  Simon Cowell says people who can sing and dance at the same time are good, entertainment is king, bring pleasure to the masses and we will fling glitz, fame and fortune at you.  Like a beautiful firework we will oh and ahh at you as you rise into the sky.  We will marvel at you as you burst into life and light up our world and then as soon as you start to fade we'll look to the next one and forget all about you.

I feel sorry for the 'wannabes' on these programmes. Not because they don't get through to the big live shows but because they can't take pleasure in the talents they do have.  Just because your talent may be found in a less glamorous field doesn't make it any less beautiful.

Jesus told a parable about talents.  He said that what your talent is is not the important thing, nor is the amount of talent, but it's what you do with it that counts.  If you use it to glorify God, then He will be pleased with you and reward you. If you don't use it or use it to glorify yourself then He will not reward you.  These rewards He talks about are not the fame and fortune of this world that pass so quickly and are hollow and useless.   These are rewards that last for ever.

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