Friday, 1 October 2010

Feedback Friday

Today we're going to do a wee experiment.  It is always beneficial to share with each other about God,  no matter what your view or where you are in your walk with Him.   I have been sharing with you some of my thoughts and experiences of my Lord but I need to hear some from you as well.  This is the basis of what Christians call fellowship.

Now this is a bit risky for me.  I am a sensitive soul and if no-one participates I'll be deeply upset so please at least one person....

Here's the thing.  I'll set the topic and you guys respond, if you want to, in the comments.  That way everyone gets the benefit.  You can say whatever you like however I would ask that you keep it short. We wouldn't want those who aren't used to this sort of thing to be put off by other long-winded types!  Feel free to comment anonymously too if that is what you would prefer.

Descibe your experience of God in a few words.    


  1. My experience of God has been great since I realised the need for a personal relationship with him. I had always searched for answers to lifes problems in myself and in things of this world. It's not that I don't have problems but it helps to know God is in control and that he is always with me.

  2. My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there's nothing that He cannot do. (clap clap)

    Sums it up I think.

  3. I think that the story 'footprints in the sand'
    best describe my walk with God! He's
    closest to me when I feel that He may be
    miles away, but then I realise it was Him
    that carried me through!

    That's my experience of God.

  4. My God is beyond my imagination, he's bigger than I can comprehend and every time I think I know Him and all about Him, he surprises me and teaches me in a new waay that He will always greater than I can ever know and try to know.

  5. I'm not going to use my words, but rather quote Tim Keller:

    “I am more sinful than I could dare to admit, but at the same time, because of my substitute Jesus, I am more forgiven, loved and accepted than I could ever dare to dream.”