Friday, 22 October 2010


What matters, really?

In the recent spending review Britain has pledged to increase it's commitment to foreign aid.  Cue lots of Daily Express reader types up in arms about Johnny Foreigner 'nicking all our readies what-what'.  It takes me to the fair.

On the one hand our media hammers the government for hitting 'hard-working families' (a phrase I find utterly repulsive) too hard.  Then they criticise the coalition for placing the burden of cuts on the poorest in our society while at the same time is happy to reduce the aid we give to people earning 60p a day.

It seems everyone wants equality but only with people better off than themselves.

There is huge burden on Christians to lead the way in this.  We have everything if we have Christ.  From time to time money will be short and it can be a real and genuine problem. If we truly love our Lord then we should follow His teaching and help the poor. Hold on to our processions lightly, they are not ours. Share what we have with our brothers and sisters here and overseas and wherever there is need. Don't love money, don't love stuff, love Jesus.


  1. makes me think of last nyt.... we hav so much which we never use... wer people in other countires wud do so much to get just a small fraction of it...such as those books that them pastors got in africa...

  2. I understand what you are saying Phil, but it doesn't sit easy with me that the United Kingdom gives aid to a country that is wealthy enough to have it's own foreign aid programme (India).

    Perhaps more wisdom is required in our government so that the poor in desperate need are helped first...

  3. Not just a foreign aid programme but a space programme too!
    Does the neglect of a government mean the citizens of that country shouldn't be helped? You're right, more wisdom is required but surely doing nothing is not an option. We are still obligated to help by sharing our wealth recession or no recession.

  4. I agree with other anonymous on this one. It's the responsibility of the people to Change the status quo. The fact that the top 100 people in the country hold nearly a third of the GNP stinks. But the people of the UK wouldn't accept this situation. Why do they?some of these states have a dependency culture and while in times of plenty we should help they surely have a responsibility to themselves to change.
    Anyway loving the blog always entertaining and something to think about. Keep up the good work

  5. An indicator of wealth is what you do with your spare change. It has been said that if you are able to keep a pound coin in your car 'for the trolley' you are in the top 5% richest people in the world. Do we therefore have a responsibility to those less well off or should we put the onus on the poor to take our money off us?

    Our wealth comes largely as a result of our climate, this has been a source of stability from which over many generations we have been able to build. Others have suffered as a result of famine, hurricane, dought, earthquake etc, not to mention the overwhelmingly oppressive colonialism imposed on many.

    Also you mention 'in times of plenty'. We are still in times of plenty aren't we?

    Really appreciate the contributions; I do love a healthy debate!