Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

My lovely wife is a teacher, a very good one.  To ensure that her high standards are maintained her school is undergoing an inspection and this is getting everyone quite agitated.

I have the dubious pleasure of knowing quite a few teachers and at least four of them have experienced an inspection in the last few weeks.  They are all stressed to the hilt.  The inspection is a dreaded event, spoken about in hushed tones. That is until the event gets closer and then every time the word 'inspection' is said it is accompanied by Eastender's type drums and a look of terror on the face of the one that said it.

From what I understand inspectors are some sort of sub-human creatures with huge teeth and no sense of smell.  They stalk school corridors hunting down teachers who haven't covered every part of their classroom walls with brightly coloured stars and pictures of children pretending to be happy.  If they ever find such a teacher they drag them outside, rip out their hearts with their bare hands and devour their souls raw. Or at least, that's the impression I get.

Inspector (artists impression)

 They've asked me to come and take assembly today because the teachers are too scared, I'm having garlic for breakfast.

It's as well our hearts aren't inspected like that all the time, imagine what lengths we'd have to go to to convince God that we are doing fine on our own thanks, no need for extra help here.  No badness, no brokenness, no laziness, no impurities, just 100% perfection.  I don't think so.

The fact is God has continual access to all the inner workings of our hearts, He sees all the aforementioned weaknesses but He does not condemn any of us.  Or should I say he does not condemn any who have called out to Jesus to save them.  They have nothing to fear.  Those who haven't called to Jesus, well I'm afraid you will have to convince God that you are perfect in every way.  My advice? Call out to Jesus, He's your only hope.


  1. Love it! No wonder your lovely wife looks so stressed! Hope the assembly goes well and they don't eat you!!

  2. The Dreaded m-in-l12 October 2010 at 18:35

    Wish I'd had you behind me when I'd my last Inspection and they really are like that. Your blog's excellent and very thought provoking. Hope it wakens us all up- we all need it even if we think we don't. Use your hand with Rocky in future that'll teach you!

  3. I was wondering why I saw you in Carrick this morning, dandering along the footpath, just past McDonalds! Made me smile! And work's going fine - thanks for your lovely advice in June!Ha

  4. Hope the assembly went well! I believe you told them all that if you pretend to be a monkey... you will die?!

  5. Thanks Jill, I did indeed survive - just! The kids will never pretend to be monkeys again. As for TDMIL using your hand is just gross. And Jill D, really glad work is going better for you, say hi to the family for me!