Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Greater things still to be done

The last couple of days in Rathcoole have been very tense.

On Monday there were a couple of raids on different houses around the estate.  These were in connection with 'historial enquires'.  As a response to these raids rioting has taken place on the outskirts of the estate for the last to nights.  (Read BBC reports here).

The vast majority of the people in the estate are not represented by the rioters but we are all impacted by it.  It is difficult to know what to do about the situation, how to influence it. There is one thing we can do and that is pray.  Rathcoole Presbyterian Church will be holding a prayer meeting tonight from 7:00pm.  If you are willing to come and it is safe for you to do so then please come along.  If you can't make it I would encourage you to pray at that time for Rathcoole.

Some things to pray for:
*God would move in the estate to change the hearts of those causing trouble.
*That young children would not be manipulated into taking part.
*That police, rioters and others would be safe from physical harm.
*That it would rain tonight.
*Church leaders in the area would find success as they seek to influence the situation
*That the reputation of the estate would not disadvantage it's young people.
*That God would send revival to this place.

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