Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Nobody puts Baby in the corner

One minute and forty-four seconds of pure joy!

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What we do never goes unnoticed.  Even if we don't realise it there are people all around us watching what we do. Sometimes they are trying to spot weaknesses and flaws but a lot of the time we are actually setting an example to them.

Choose who you follow carefully, pick your heroes wisely, never just copy. There's plenty of people famous people out there who we can aspire to be but a lot of them, quite frankly, are numpties; so who should we follow?  That's easy, there's only one who got it right, who gets it right and will keep getting it right.  Make Jesus you're role model, copy Him.

The wee girl in the clip didn't know she'd be copied, she was just doing her thing, her way.  Just because we don't ask to be role models doesn't mean we're not (if only some 'celebrities' understood this!) so we have to be on our guard regardless of whether we know we're being watched or not.

We all affect other peoples lives in one way or another, whether it's parenting, leading young people, supervising in work, even socializing and having conversations with our friends   Whether we like it or not we are examples, make sure you're a good one. Use your influence.

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  1. Thanks Phil, the video made me smile! It's good to be reminded that our actions have an impact on others around us even when we don't realise it. Keep up the blogging, its excellent!!