Thursday, 21 October 2010

Colour me beautiful

So little of what goes on in Northern Ireland, the UK, the world, is a black and white issue.  There are many shades of grey. 

Some people are fed up with grey, they want to tell it in colour.  UTV journalist and newsreader Jude Hill has decided to do just that - Tell it in Colour.  She has set up a website that allows people to share their good news stories from around Northern Ireland which she hopes will help people realise that life is not as grey as the news channels would have us believe.

After yesterday's spending review (or should that be 'let's stop spending ever again review') you would be forgiven for thinking the country is facing death by a thousand cuts.  That is far from the case for there are many many people out there making life better, making it colourful. 

You know someone in your life who's doing that for you. Someone who brightens your day.  I hope you too are someone who brings a little colour into the world. 

So what is happening around you that gives you hope, that cheers you up, that brings some colour.  What are the good news stories around you, wherever you are.  Pick one (or pick more than one) and post a comment.  Cheer us all up, let us no that we don't have to be grey any more.

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  1. Awww Phil spreading the Tell it in Colour news im very proud!we have exciting developments in TIIC ill fill you in when im home!heard thee most amazing hope story ever last week from a woman called Sally Livingstone who came to our C.U-she was a heroine addict of 20yrs-had the most abusive life i think ive ever heard-her dad was a boxer so enough said. She had 3 kids all of whom were born heroine addicts and actually she fled to Ireland at one point but was deported for starting riots in prisons!you name it she did it she sadi the turning point was when she was hanging in a straight jacket in a prison and a guard came and instead of beating her like the rest were she stroked her hair and told her she wasnt an evil person.She tried to turn her life around many times without much success at one point nearly taking her life as well as her 3 children then she switched ont eh tv to the God channel one day started dancing round the room n gave her life to God. She now runs multiple christian rehab centres in birmingham and does street preaching specifically to addicts. She brought along a girl who was 4months clean who gave her life to god and got clean when she met Sally. These people literally come to these centres to get saved in two ways-they are crying out for Jesus.Infact Sally was on a really interesting bbc prog recently eh the link is... aw man ive been looking for it but u cant watch it anymore if i find her story again ill send it 2 ya :) hope you have a hopeful weekend :)