Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Santa Rant

I hate Santa.

You may think that's a little harsh but it is absolutely genuinely true.  I hate Santa.. I love Christmas but I hate Santa.

I bring this up now, on the 26th October to give you a chance. A chance to turn your back on Santa this Christmas.  I know that may seem like a crazy thought and I know that for many parents it is unthinkable but hear me out, maybe I will convince you.

1) Santa steals Christmas from Jesus.  As I have said; I love Christmas.  I love trees and carols and excited kids.  I love spending time with family, buying gifts and I especially love Christmas lights.  Jesus is the light of the world and to see the place lit up like...well like a Christmas tree in massive celebration of His arrival thrills me.  Unfortunately Santa Claus wants the credit for Christmas to go to him and not the Saviour of the world.  Schools, homes and even churches give far to much time to the Santa myth to the point where many children of primary school age see him as the central figure to Christmas.  This is shameful.

2) Santa steals Christmas from families.  Think about it, parents indulge their kids at Christmas.  The buy them more toys than they could ever play with, let them eat all their favourite foods, take them on trips and try to make it as special as possible.  Yes, they do this because of the media pushing materialism and peer pressure (from their kids peers and from their own peers) but the main reason they do this is because they love their kids.  Rightly or wrongly their love for their children is manifested in the act of giving, in many cases sacrificial giving, and who gets the credit - Santa Claus.  'Wow', say the little Kids, 'look what Santa got me, I love Santa! Mum? Dad? What did you get me?'.  Reclaim Christmas for your family tell your kids that Santa doesn't love them but you do.

Everyone loves Santa?
3) There is no reason for Santa.  I can find no conceivable reason for continuing the Santa myth.  There is nothing good about it, nothing.  And don't give me all that 'magical time for kids, let them have their innocent wonderment' nonsense. It is a flat out harmful lie.  If you want your kids to be filled with wonderment at Christmas time, tell them the story of the king of the world who came to be born in a stable.  Tell them about the angels heralding Him in, about the shepherds who came to see His, the wise men who travelled hundreds of miles to worship Him (find the Christmas story here).  Tell them the story of Jesus, tell it accurately and they will be amazed.

There are many other reasons for hating Santa, I just don't have space here but I'm sure you could think of a few.

Christmas does not need a tacky false lie stuck on the end of it to make it a good time.  If you choose to celebrate Christmas do it truthfully and it will be beautiful and love-filled.  Sure your kids might take a week to get their heads round the fact (note the word fact) that Santa is the product of the Coca-cola company, but they had to find that out someday anyway and they'll not care half as much as you think they will.

So here's my advice.  Tell your kids that Santa didn't come through for them, it turns out he doesn't love little boys and girls after all. But they are not to worry because the people who really do love them are here and will make this year truly special by allowing Christmas to be Christmas.


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