Thursday, 17 February 2011

As good as a rest

This is my 100th post.

After 99 with the same look about them I decided it was time for a wee change.  Today has been full of my struggles with technology and trying to get things right.

I'd welcome your comments on the new layout etc, I know it's not world changing or radical, it's not even original, but it's mine.

The look is only one change that I hope to make in the next wee while, changes that will, I hope, interest, entertain and maybe even challenge you.  All suggestions will be considered so if you have any ideas don't be shy to share!



  1. I like it!! That's a great photo of Rocky! How did you manage to keep him still long enough?!

  2. Like what u've done wif the blog, Rocky sets it off nicely!:-)
    One thing though, it's only a technicality really, but is this not you're 98th post? There's been 2 guest blogs so far if I remember right.

  3. Indeed you're correct, I have only written 98 posts to date but 'technically' I have 'posted' 100 times. If someone else writes it, someone still has to press the 'publish' button and too me, that still counts!