Monday, 3 January 2011


Some things bring out the best in people, some things bring out the worst.

The Amish appear to be a mild mannered lot but boy do they know how to invent a card game.  Yes that's right, last night myself, The Wife, the Girl from Down the Street and the Dehli Diva decided to have a game of Dutch Blitz. (Not sure what this is? click here!)

Now I'm not great at this game as I am slow of hand, eye and wit but I am pretty competitive when I want to be.  The Wife on the other hand is a passed master and matches, even exceeds, my competitive streak.  The Dehli Diva has international experience in the game, plus she owns the cards so she's at a definate advantage from the get go.  This left the Girl from Down the Street, she had never played before - easy pickings.

In all games, if good humour is to be maintained there is always the need for a fall-guy.  Someone who will be roundly beaten but with a good excuse.  This can be due to arriving late, temporary disablility or, in this case, vast inexperience.  I was guaranteed third place, all was going to be well.

Not so.

GDS turns out to be a fast learner, after a couple of shuffles she was banging the table, screaming injustice and cackling at the misfortune of others like an old pro.  Tensions rose.  The females at the table where most definately in the zone, thumping, shouting, pouting and some mild violence were all happening with frightening regularity.  I was struggling to keep up, Rocky just looked on perplexed (it's a look he does well).

Eventually, despite playing fast and loose with the rules in the latter stages I was condemned to a miserable last place, barely reaching a positive score while others romped into triple figures. One was not amused.

God made complex creatures when he made us.  We are not mono-emotional robots, we are not yes-(wo)men, we are not easy to understand.  I don't now about you but I struggle to understand myself at times let alone understanding other people.. Why does it matter if we win a silly game or not, if we sing better than others, if we can jump higher, think-quicker or know more than our neighbour?

Truth be told I'm not entirely sure. Perhaps it is because inside us is the desire to be perfect. 

Perfection a great thing to strive for, in fact the Bible commands us to 'be perfect'. Unfortunately we, in our folly, don't quite get what perfection means.  It is not found in physical achievement or mental dexterity but instead it is found in the yearnings of the heart.  If we seek our own pleasure we will never find perfection but rather perfection comes when, with the help of the Holy Spirit, everything we are seeks to please and glorify the God who made is. 

What a relief. I will probably never win olympic gold.  But a prize more precious awaits those who love, obey and honour the Lord.

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.
Matthew 5:48

For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.
Hebrews 10:14

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