Thursday, 27 January 2011

Everybody hurts

PostSecret describes itself as 'an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.'  It makes for truly fascinating reading.

Some of the secrets are funny, some share regrets but all give an insight into the unspoken world around us.  The postcard below is up on the site at the minute and it is very hard-hitting, it may also be offensive or upsetting to some people.  I'm not reposting it here to shock or to annoy anyone rather I just want those of us who are christians to remember that trite resposes to major issues like the one below just won't cut it.

God is real, He is everything he claims to be.  Let's not make him out to be nothing more than a fun gift-giver.  He is not an imaginary friend there to make us feel better when we get a little lonely.  He is a real Father who gives real support and guidance.  He is stronger than the heaviest burden.

When someone shares a story like the one below we need to witness to God faithfully and in a way that is helpful to a hurting person.  So what would you say?


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  1. If speaking to a Christian person I would actually say something like that (pointing them to Romans 8:28). However, I'd have tears in my eyes, and be on my knees in prayer for them.

    I have no idea what I'd say to a non-Christian.