Friday, 14 January 2011

Accidentally in love

I told a woman, who isn't my wife, that I love her.

Let me explain.

I was in the act of getting ready to take Rocky out on one of his thrice daily walks.  My coat went on, then his harness thing, then his lead.  It was cold so I needed a hat and finally I picked up the all important poop-scoop.

In the midst of this commotion the wife called out to me (both because it is her habit and because she means it), 'I love you'.  I replied but not very clearly, probably because I was facing the other way and talking into my hat.  So not hearing my response the wife called out again, a little louder, 'I love you!'.

By this time I had opened the door, and Rocky was eagerly straining at the lead.  I simultaneously turned, stepped out the door and, a little too loudly, called back, 'I love you too!'

Just as I was thinking to myself, 'That was a little louder than neccessary' I lifted my head to see my neighbours partner standing on next door's doorstep only a few yards from me. 'Ah'.

For no logical reason I panicked slightly and started babbling like an idiot. 'Em... h'h' yeah I was, em, talking to the wife. Not that I don't love you too, I mean I don't but that's not because you are not lovely, you are lovely, it's just I don't think of you in that way...'  on and on I went. My mouth seemed to get drier in direct proportion to the redness of my face.  She just looked at me bewildered.

'I didn't actually hear what you said the first time anyway.'  She said matter-of-factly.  My redness increased as I scurried away down the street.

I think that sometimes I accidentally give my love for God to other things.  When I should be loving God I love my church instead, when I should be devoted to Christ I an instead devoted to works of service.  When I should find pleasure in His company I take my pleasure from spending time with other Christians.

Christian living and a life with Christ aren't always the same thing, make sure you're love goes to God first and you are not simply dedicating your life to feeling good about doing good or enjoying a comfortable life surrounded by like-minded people.  God certainly lavishes us with good gifts at times but The Giver is who we should worship not the things He gives us.


This post cold have a whole sound track, here's just two songs for your listening pleasure.

Counting Crows: Accidentally in Love

The Searchers: Don't throw your love away (This isn't really relevent at all, I thought the lyrics where different but sure, it's still a good tune!)

This one is for those trying the 90 Day challenge, rock on!

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