Friday, 4 March 2011


Last night was our church's Annual General Meeting.

I fear that maybe a lot of people have their own personal AGM, that is their Annual God Moment.  Once a year they remember that they should really tip their hat towards 'the big man upstairs'.  Usually this happens at Christmas or maybe Easter.

When things get really bad, at some time of unplanned crisis (is a crisis ever planned?) an EGM will be called.  A time of emergency knee-dropping to deal with the unexpected danger or hardship.

This is not good enough.

God is well capable of responding to any emergent situation and He knows all about you without you filling Him in; but what God desires from you is a relationship, actual regular quality time not some series of short reports once a year.

Make your relationship with God more than a fleeting visit once a year or whenever. Converse with him daily, hourly even, spend time alone with Him and experience the pure joy of life. Do it today, tomorrow and every day.

Praise be to the Lord, to God our Saviour, 
who daily bears our burdens.
Psalm 68:19


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