Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Givin' it 90

The bible is the greatest selling book in the world ever - fact.  Most of us have one somewhere in the house, some of us read it regularly, some semi-regularly, some never look at it at all.

It is a book of many stories but they are all part of one overall story. A story of unrequited love of the Good towards the bad.  A story of redemption and reconciliation. A love conquers all story with violence, political intrique, lust and betrayal.  A story which spans countries and lasts for centuries.  A story of frustration and hope and one which ends with a climax to match no other.  A true story.

Some of you I'm sure will have read every word and are doing that continually, I applaud you for that. The bible as well as a story is a book packed with timeless truths, a book that you can live your life by.  Reading the bible is the clearest and most understandable way to know it's auther - God Himself.  He is the author of life and He has revealed Himself through the bible.  This is His story.

I have read it, every word.  But recently my reading has been somewhat unstructured, I drift a little from passage to passage, I lack a little discipline. So I'm going to do something about it and I would like you to join me.

Using the 90 day reading plan spoken of by Caroline Moore in last Friday's post I will attempt to read the whole story in three months, and Caroline is going to do it with me.  Want to join us?

This is not a sponsored event, or a gimmick.  It's not to show-off or to raise our Holy rating.  God will not love us or you more for doing this or love us less for not doing it.  Instead the aim is to immerse ourselves in God's word.  To enjoy the simple story of love that will not fail.  To jump into the Word of God and roll about in it, to indulge ourselves with God's words.  Walking and talking with Him as He personally guides us through the Great book He has written.

It works out at around 15 chapters a day.  That's a lot and I'm not sure I could keep that up for ever but for three months I know it's possible.  The idea is not to read 15 chapters in the time it would normally take to read one or two but rather to jealously make time for it, prioritising.  Like you do when you're reading a page turning novel or engrossed in a box-set or in the mood for a lovely daydream.

I'll put up the bible readings on a weekly basis (They will be at the top of the sidebar they way they are now), we can do it together.  I'll keep you posted from time to time on how we are getting on and, if you wish, you can do the same.  If we fail we are not failures but if we succeed we will benefit enormously.

Today is day 1.

Your word is a lamp for my feet, 
a light on my path.
Psalm 119:105


Some mid-week music now; The mighty Third Day with Lift up Your Face.


  1. Today i started with gen 1, that normal little distraction that is the niggle for a caffiene fix, well i combined them both. Coffee and Bible time.

  2. I was challenged at YF on Sunday about fasting. I have always thought I was off the hook with fasting because I can't not eat...but I have now realised fasting isn't about food, it's about giving up something and replacing it with meaningful time spent with God. So...I was looking for a challenge. Maybe this is it?!

    It's very easy to say no to this...too hard, not enough time etc. But then again...if I MAKE time?? Let's face it, no one is going to find the spare time to read 15 chapters of the bible every day without being purposeful about it and setting out to do it.

    That all said...count me in. But make me do it. I'll find it too hard! :)