Monday, 20 December 2010

Derek the snow-giant

Snow-giants aren't too well known, they keep themselves hidden away and only come out of hiding once or twice a year.

Some Snow-giants are cruel and heartless, they have the power to make people late for work or cancel plays and concerts.  Snow-giants can be so cruel that they just love making people slip and fall and look really really silly when they are out in the street.

Derek was different from the other Snow-giants.  He was kindly and loving.  He loved to see kiddies playing in the snow, sledging, having snowball fights and making mini replica snow-giants in their front gardens.

Derek was a real people person
 The problem with Derek was that whenever he had nice kind thoughts towards something he would warm up and start to melt a little so being nice was quite dangerous for him.  In order to keep himself safe, Derek had to stop thinking nice things and instead join in with the other snow-giants and be cruel and inconvenient like them.  This made Derek sad but he figured it was for the best.

One day when, when all the Snow-giants where having there annual winter conference in Newtownabbey, Derek was out blocking a main arterial route into the city when he spotted a Snow-giant he had never seen before - a girl snow-giant named Tracy.  Tracy was very beautiful indeed, she had a wonderful wide girth, eye's the colour of £2 coins, lips of purest coal and a Kashmir scarf from Marks and Spencer.

Immediately Derek started to melt and he dashed into a nearby back garden before Tracy noticed but it was too late.

'What's wrong Derek, why are you hiding? Don't you like me?'  Derek was so touched by her venerability that he started to melt some more leaving a little puddle by his base. 

'Ah, I see', said Tracy, 'You just needed the loo, my mistake.'

Derek was so embarrassed and ashamed that he could not let Tracy go still thinking that he was incontinent rather than in love.  He slid after her and called out, 'Tracy wait!'

She turned and looked at him with those golden eyes, Derek melted faster, starting with his heart.  He could see the confused look on Tracy's facey.  But then she began to realise what was happening.  She had heard about the danger of warm feelings and, as a well behaved girl had always controlled hers but this was different from anything she had seen.

'Tracy I, I...'  Derek's head started to become runny and one of his eyes was sliding down his cheek.  He was finding it hard to speak because one-by-one the pieces of coal that made up his mouth where dropping down to his feet.  He only had time to blurt out, ' I think I love you!'

At this Tracy was overcome with emotion.  All kinds of new feelings started welling up inside her.  She thought about fighting them but before long she just gave in and she started to melt as well.

Derek saw Tracy start to melt, she felt the same.  They slid towards each other and embraced and they melted into each others arms, happy and content and free from their bondage of hate.

The steam from there bepuddled bodies was too much for the other snow-giants and, seeing the joy on the faces of Derek and Tracy, seeing the happiness that love can bring, seeing that it is better to sacrifice for love that live in selfish preservation they gave in to the feelings they had been battling for so long.  They turned to each other, some as friends, some as family, others in romance and let out the warmth that was within.  Soon all that remained were large puddles slowly drying in the winter sun.

All the people where glad to see the back of the Snow-giants and their cursed snow, little did they know that their lives where made easier by Derek and Tracy, the first love-puddles.

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