Monday, 13 December 2010

From the Cardle to the grave

I don't know who Matt Cardle is.

Well of course I know that he won The X Factor but that's about all I know.  He was in the final with some teen band called 'no direction' and another female contestant.

I also know that little Matt is going to release a cover version of a song by Biffy Clyro - whoever she is - and he hopes to get to number one.  Some people are all annoyed by this and have started an internet campaign to get the original version to number one instead as a victory for 'real music'.

I think all this is great I just wish I knew what they were all on about.  As a cool down-with-the homies kinda dude I should really be keeping up with all the latest 911's, picking up the word on the street and slammin' some beats on ma ipod - Tuune!  But the truth of  the matter is that I am a little out of touch with popular cultural trends.

This was very apparent when I went to see The Messiah on Friday night and actually quite enjoyed it, changed times.

The question is, does it matter?  If the trendy young things are into different things than I was at their age does that mean we've nothing to learn from one another? I hope not.  I have the genuine privilege of spending a bit of time with some young people through stuff I do in church.  I can honestly say that just because their taste in music is awful and their fashion sense is virtually non-existant doesn't mean they are a bunch of wasters.  In fact quite the opposite.  I learn a lot from their new outlook, their fresh approach to each other, their capacity for handling technological advances, their desire to work hard and their graciousness to accomodate people like me.

This lot were too grumpy to win

Wisdom can certainly be increased with experience but it doesn't start in old age.  In fact their is no shortage of old fools about.  Of course some of young people think they know it all - they don't - but some older people think they know it all too - they don't either.

If you think people judge you because of your age take heart in what the Bible says. It teaches that you shouldn't be belittled because of your age but it also says you should set an example to others through your behaviour and attitude.  Be good young people, be wise, be courageous, be Godly so that we can learn from you.

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.
1 Timothy 4:12


  1. I was enjoying this blog up until you slagged off my dress sense, talk about hypocrisy. An encouraging blog especially because I am sure a number of young people are fearful of expressing their opinion or knowledge for fear of being wrong or of older people saying "What do you know your only a teenager"

  2. I think the dress sense thing was only put in there for a laugh but maybe also making a point of how some older generations view young people. Unfortunately not everyone gets Phil's sense of humour. Don't get offended by it. God has created us all differently. It's just some people struggle to accept other peoples ideas of what's trendy or the new craze. But then in the words of an older song. If everybody looked the same. We'd get tired of looking at each other. I think the same goes for what we like. If we were all into the same music, sport, tv shows etc the world might get a bit boring.

  3. Great blog Phil! There is such a big danger of discounting what young people say even if they have a good point, but I also think that some people assume that the older generation are stuck in their ways but at times they're the most encouraging. So, I really think that both the young and the older are a bit too quick to judge. God doesn't see anyone for their age so why should we?

    Also I can't help but point out the well thought up title simply because I know you're probably impressed with it yourself!

  4. You know me too well Mr Anon 3. I do occasionally indulge in a little self congratulation over the blog titles - it's my favourite part sometimes!