Friday, 5 November 2010

Remember, remember the...the...emm...

Growing up we were always told, 'don't forget the bowl you were baked in'.  People who 'forgot themselves' were always frowned upon.  You know the type. The accent changes or they use hand-sanitizer after they shake your hand or they start reading the Guardian.

Ironically, people who have forgotten themselves sometimes forget themselves and use their old accent or are caught eating a spam sandwich and the whole facade is exposed.

It's funny though how forgetting yourself and simply getting on in life can be confused but there you have it.

Sometimes forgetting seems like a very attractive option.  If  life has been tough in childhood or some tragedy has befallen us or just having a bad day we just want to forget from time to time.  We shouldn't forget.  Every experience we encounter helps us develop. By remembering and learning from these things we can build our character and hopefully not repeat the same mistakes.

We should also remember God.  Whatever bowl we were baked, God was the master-baker.  He was the one who decided which ingredients were important for our unique mix.  Often, especially when we are young (like me!) we forget that all that impacts us is designed to make us who we are (Ecclesiastes 12:1). It gets us fit for purpose and we should trust the one who designed us to get it right.

Think back, remember, all the struggles and victories you've had over the years. Think back, remember, all the times you thought you wouldn't make it.  Think back, remember and rejoice that God is in control.


Did someone mention hand-sanitizer?

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