Friday, 12 November 2010

Lost and found

Tears of the Saints from HistoryMaker on Vimeo.

Gordon Stewart from Asialink came to Rathcoole Presbyterian Church last night.  He was there to speak about the wok of that organisation in Iraq, some of which he had experienced first hand.

He told us about a people group in the north of that country called the Yaridi.  These people had not previously heard the good news of Jesus Christ.

They have their own religion where they worship the Black Snake - Satan.  They believe that as the Ark built by Noah (Genesis 6-8) was stilll afloat it sprang a leak.  They then believe that the black snake coiled itself into the hole, plugged it and saved the human race from extinction.  This is not recorded in the bible, this did not happen.

Each day after worship the Yaridi people kiss a carving of the black snake as they leave the temple.  They also believe the black Snake will only answer their requests if they are able to get their arms the entire way roung a 'hugging stone' found within the temple.  They no nothing of Grace, Love, Mercy, Forgiveness and heaven.  They are in darkness.

Iraqi christian pastors who where forced to leave Bagdad under threat of their lives have recently started to tell the Yaridi people about Jesus.  They have aquired a small shop as their base and they have had their first convert.  The light is penetrating the darkness.

Think about the love and grace and frogiveness that you have heard of.  If you have responded to it already and have accepted Christ then praise God, pray for these people and support them whatever way you can.  If you have not yet accepted Him, if you have seen His light, squinted, turned away and stayed in the darkness, what are you waiting for?  Accept His love, live in the light and be set free.

Matthew 4:16

"The people living in darkness
   have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of the shadow of death
   a light has dawned.”


  1. I like alot, lightness ans dark can not be together, light will always shine through darkness.

  2. It's very easy sometimes to get caught up with issues and problems in our lives. The video and story from Irag really hit home to me the work still to be done for us as Christains to spread the gospel. Thanks for sharing it Phil.