Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Black magic?

So in American mid-term elections the Republicans won back control of the House of Representatives but not the senate.  This is of great interest to some and of no interest to others so I'm no going to dwell on it too much.

There was one candidate for Senate who is quite interesting though.  Her name is Christine O'Donnell and she is a Republican.  American politics being the way it is any one standing for election is going to have some serious mucking raking done on them.  Then when the muck is raked it is turned into mud and slung at the person very hard.

In a TV show in the mid to late nineties Christine O'donnell admitted 'dabbling' in witchcraft.  This is really dangerous, there is evil power in witchcraft and devil worship and this woman is now very against it. She got more coverage in the build up to this election than any other candidate with the exception of Barack Obama.

Given the all the evidence and after considered judgement of the facts Christine O'Donnell was declared a witch in the media.  It got so bad that she has felt the need to produce an election broadcast 'clearing up' the situation.

Lot's of stuff bothers me about this. Firstly that witchcraft is seen as a viable source of entertainment and secondly that it treated so lightly by some people.  Thirdly, that the media, not just in America, can be so biased one way or the other at election time, fourthly people listen to the media and accept it as fact. Fifthly that religion is used as a means to get elected.  Jesus did not die to win votes.

I don't really know who's right or wrong in all this it just baffles me.

Christine O'Donnell was standing fo rthe Delaware Senate and was beaten by a landside.


And now for your viewing pleasure here's the very talented Beth Rowley singing a song about heaven.

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