Tuesday, 28 September 2010

We Are Family

Adoption must be a very difficult situation to deal with. The emotional stress on all parties must be immense and it is perfectly understandable that the consequences are played out for years down the line.

With the rise of social networking more and more people, frustrated with the slow rate at which the official channels work, are searching out their 'natural' families themselves.The British Association of Adoption & Fostering yesterday warned of the dangers of using sites like facebook to find their birth parents (read the article here).  The problem is, they say, that this method which bypasses the support of the more conventional agencies like their own leaves people 'unprepared for emotional dilemmas such contact can expose'.

For the family who adopts it must be a difficult thing to watch your child,who you raised as your own, search for the ones who, for whatever reason, could not care for that child themselves.  Every circumstance is different of course but I imagine the potential for emotional hurt and the destruction of relationships is huge.  The reconciliation of families should be treated with immense care and caution and the proper support should be sought and given from beginning to end.

The Bible says we are by nature children of 'the world'.  An abusive, selfish parent which treats it's children with contempt.  The world teaches her children to be greedy, self-centered, and proud.  God, knowing our hopeless state reaches in and offers to adopt us into His family.  His parentage is built on selfless, sacrificial love.  He is the good Father and I for one am glad to be called His child.

Occasionally though we wonder about our 'natural parent'.  What would life have been like if we had remained with them? Sometimes some even return to that abusive relationship, seduced by the veneer of glamour and excitement which is really just hollow and pointless. 

As much as this must hurt the one who adopted us, who took us on by choice and loved us with everything he has, he will not turn his back on us.  He waits for us to return to his love and he shows us mercy and grace beyond measure.  This is perfect family, this is perfect love.

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  1. I love the image of grafted branches...something that seems like it shouldn't work, but does...beautiful! (Romans 11, 17-24)