Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Puppy Love

Yesterday was an exciting day in the Houston household - Rocky arrived.   Rocky is a two year old (we think) dog we picked up from the pound.  He's lovely.

Awful legs, awful carpert, great dog!

It's hard to tell when getting a dog from a Council pound what it's personality is going to be, what character flaws it'll have, what baggage it carries around.  There are clues though and we considered carefully what things we would be looking for, some boxes that needed ticked.  He had to be young(ish), relatively calm and alert.  We had an idea of what size of dog we would like and, to our shame, looks played a part too.

Rocky it seemed, was perfect.  After just one night in our care he still appears to be perfect and the wife and I are delighted. It's lovely to be able to give the wee dog a home and take care of it.

We chose Rocky and we are glad.

Thankfully God works differently from us.  He doesn't not require any boxes to be ticked before he picks us.  The bible says we are all utterly unlovely and when we are in this unlovely state that is when God chose to love us.  Let's be honest if we were chosen the way dogs in a pound are, a beauty contest with no beauty involved, none of us would be chosen and we'd be heading for the nasty needle. This, my friends, is love, 'not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.' 1 John 3:16

God chose me and I am glad.


Since it's Wednesday let's have some midweek music.  Now this guy is very cheesey, he's cheesestrings on a four-cheese pizza with mellted cheese on top and a side order of Dairylea.  He's not just cheesey, he's M&S cheesey.  But his enthusiasm is infectious, he loves the Lord and he makes me smile, enjoy!


  1. "What will I blog about today?" "Hmmmm....not sure...perhaps we could get a dog so I have something to blog about?!" (I hope not!!!) Loving Rocky though...very cute, and I promise not to scream so much next time!!

  2. i want to meet rocky! he looks lovely and not at all like the dog you showed me in the picture...the one that would eat my soul for starters.
    loving the blog. so grateful that God doesn't choose us on the basis of looks or talent but on the fact that he loves us all regardless of that. very thankful.

  3. Caroline...we need you here to meet him! Jonny and me were singing about him...."We'll rock, we'll rock, we'll rock the world in Rocky's Plaice...

    J&P just don't appreciate it!

  4. Jill i love it! with some appropriate headbanging in tow!