Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Say it loud

Jenny Houston is the most wonderful woman I know... LOL.

I'm quiet, I like to keep my inside thoughts on the inside and that's OK.  Some folks like to be private some like to let it all hang out. Some are intro some are extro, people are different.

Where I come from - the glorious Provence of Ulster - public displays of affection are rare; we shrug a lot and get on with things, we muddle through, we keep on keeping on.  Only every now and again will the majority of folks bring out a hug, reveal a tear, allow their emotions to show through but when we do it can be such a relief, like a valve has been opened and some pressure released.

We need to be careful that in our language of banter and brave faces we don't forget that the people around us still need to know and hear that they are appreciated, needed, wanted and loved.  Don't think that just because it might feel a bit weird saying words like 'love' to your spouse or parents or siblings it means we never have to say them.  It's time to start loving-out-loud.

So who do you need to love-out-loud? 

Your wife of husband who defend you no matter what...
Hey Jenny, you're more than I deserve, I love you! LOL
Your mum or dad who happily pour their life savings into getting you were you want to be...
Hey mum your the greatest, I love you! LOL
Your brother or sister who put up with your tantrums and clean up your messes or put up with your moods...
Hey bro, you my best friend, I love you! LOL
Your Pastor who breaks his heart for you when you do things your way...
Hey Frank, thanks for your patience and guidence! LOL
Those people who pray and pray and pray for you even when you hardly give them time of day..
There are too many of you to list here but you know what? I love you all! LOL

Don't just love them, love them out loud.


Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:11


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